Moss Removal Maintenance

Moss, Algae and Lichen Removal Program

There is no need to undertake potentially damaging and dangerous procedures like pressure washing or painting. All this will do is invalidate the manufacturers warranty. This will mean that your home insurance will no longer cover the cost of repairs or maintenance.

Firstly it is important to know what type of roof you have, C. Stevens Roofing is concentrating on concrete tile roofs.

The most effective way of removing clumpy moss is to brush it off on a dry day. After the moss has been removed the roof can be treated to kill the moss spores and prevent new growth.

About Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are available in many colours and styles. They can even be made to look like slate or clay tiles. The concrete tiles interlock with each other and are laid over wood laths (strips). Most of them will not be nailed down but rely on their weight and interlocking design to hold them in position.

It should be noted that concrete tiles are not made to be waterproof but instead to shed or disperse the water. This is why it is important to keep concrete tile roofs free from debris and any matter that absorbs or holds moisture. It is especially important to keep the valleys clear where the water should flow away and off the roof. If water is allowed to collect it can fill up the gutters or valleys and get into the insulation or wood beneath the tiles.

Since concrete tiles are on the roof the roof structure must be built to withstand the weight of the tiles. For this reason concrete tiles are made porous to keep their weight down. This is a good and bad thing. Good as it is easier to transport, handle and support on the roof. Bad because the tile holds sufficient water to support moss.

When new concrete tiles have a finish glaze on their surface. The glaze repels water but over time UV sunlight breaks down the glazing. This leads to micro fractures and the ability for the tile to hold water. This water wicking effect feeds moss spores that collect on the bottom edges and interlocking edges of tiles.

Moss Removal Packages

Moss and algae build up is a common problem on properties built in the 60's and 70's. There were generally constructed using concrete tiles and unlike modern tiles, they were rough to the touch and subsequently attracted moss spores.

The moss will hold a large amount of rain water and this means additional weight on the roof structure that over time may damage the roof structure. Generally these tiles will have lost their initial coating leaving grey unsightly tiles..

The Process

C. Stevens Roofing are experts in careful, manual, chemical free roof moss removal. This means we use various hand tools to meticulously clear your roof of moss, lichen and algae tile by tile. We are careful to target only the moss, leaving roofing material in tact and undamaged.

After your roof has been demossed it will look near new again and will last many years longer. You can expect to have a roof demossed every five to ten years.

Finally your roof will be sealed with an environmentally friendly moss prevention system that will help prevent moss re-establishing.

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Having a roof maintenance program is the fundamental key to achieving maximum roof life with minimal problems.

Your roof protects you and your capital investment in your home. It is subject to constant wear and deterioration. Nothing lasts forever and the life span of the average roof is far less than the main infrastructure of the house.

C. Stevens Roofing can offer peace of mind and the essential on-going maintenance that is essential for the integrity and longevity of your roof.

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Work Guarantee

All work undertaken by C. Stevens Roofing is covered by clear, written guarantees including workmanship and material, to give you added confidence. Our guarantee is backed by a long established reputation in the business and is respected and valued by works professionals throughout the county.

Insurance Guarantee

HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantees helping you to protect your investment. Although home improvement is one of the safest forms of financial investment, there is one pitfall that can be overlooked.

Most contractors issue a guarantee for the work they have undertaken, we are no different. However, thousands of contractors cease to trade each year.

If your chosen contractor ceased to trade HomePro will match the terms of the contractors original guarantee.


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