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Want to learn a bit more about fascia materials and methods, the three types offered by C. Stevens Roofing are detailed below:


The fascia and soffit system on a house, often referred to as the roofline, is the finishing/capping on the end of the roof structure where the rafters meet the external wall. It functions similarly to the skirting at the base of a wall or an architrave on a door frame - without it, the edge would be rugged and exposed and the underneath structures open to erosion and decay over time.

It provides both a decorative and protective finish to the roof while allowing industry specified levels of ventilation back into the roof area to avoid condensation problems. Freefoam’s products are designed to protect, to decorate, to ventilate, to short, to perform.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Choice of colour, style and finish
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, weather & other pollutants
  • Will not warp, crack, discolour or blister
  • Light weight and easy to work with
  • Traditional installation methods and tools
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Tested fire resistance properties
  • 10 and 20 year product guarantees


Freefoam offer a wide range of fascia/reveal liners and full replacement/new build fascias in a choice of styles,sizes and colours to suit any building design and improve the appearance of any facade.

Whether for new-build or renovation, homeowners/installers We have a choice of plain, ogee, square edged, or round nosed fascia boards in 8mm and 10mm widths for capping or supported installations, as well as larger 15mm, 18mm and 25mm full replacement/new-build boards for the perfect installation each time.

All fascia systems come complete with matching corners, joiners and end caps, and a selection of roofline accessories to a dd that finishing touch to any property.

In addition to the 3 popular decor mouldings [ogee, plain open and plain closed], we now offer 2 new scalloped decorative fascias in convex and concave styles for quick, easy and stylish application. Some profiles can also be used as window boards and can be installed internally or externally as new/replacement window capping or as reveal liners.

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Eurocell UPVC Products

Eurocell offers a wide range of Roofline products including Capping Board, Euroboard, Ogee Board, Utility Board, Soffit Board, Cladding, Ventilation, Dry Verge System and Accessories.

Roofline Products


The Euroboard system is a direct replacement and new build package. Euroboard itself is 18mm thick and is strong enough to be fitted direct to the roof rafters. Eurosoffit fully compliments the.Euroboard system featuring neat integral ventilation slots giving an airflow in the roof space. Euroboard can be used with alternative soffits giving a choice of presentations.

Ogee Board

A superb quality board of a full 22mm thickness, also available in 9mm, featuring the distinctive Ogee profile giving the finished project an outstanding individual appearance. The Ogee Board may be used most effectively with a variety of accompanying boards to complete your presentation. It should be noted that 22mm thick Ogee profile is a direct fixing board and similar to the Euroboard profile, is designed to be fitted direct to the roof rafters. The 9mm thick profile should be fitted to a new timber sub-straight.

Capping Board

Eurocell offers Capping Board with a choice of soffits. The resulting presentation is smart and cost effective. When fitting Capping Board check thoroughly on the condition of the structural timbers, making sure that they are sound and completely rot free. The capping board itself should be fitted to a new timber sub-straight, since this procedure will result in a first-class long lasting installation.

Soffit Boards - Foam and Hollow

Eurocell offer a choice of Soffits. There is a 9mm thick Utility Board in widths from 100mm to 450mm and certain widths ore available vented. An alternative is the 100mm or 300mm wide Hollow Soffit, which gives a decorative smart finish at a competitive price.

Ventilators & Accessories

Eurocell offer a comprehensive range of roofline ventilation products, adaptable for every possible installation. The Finial and Joint trims offered as part of the Eurocell Roofline Range, help achieve ultra high levels of finish on every job.


Eurocells 125mm shiplap cladding is designed with an extended tongue and groove leg which helps make for neat and smart installations. The planks are complimented by a selection of dedicated trims that complete the cladding system.

Dry Verge System

Dry roofing is the term used to describe the mechanical fixing of certain areas of the roof without the use of mortar. With the increased incident of storms over the last few years the unreliability of mortar has been clearly highlighted. The gradual switch to dry roofing in Britain looks set to gather pace.

The Uni-Dry verge is designed to provide a simple secure method of mechanically fixing verge tiles to reduce the risk of damage casued by wind uplift and water penetration. Available in terracotta, slate grey or brown, to blend with the rest of the roof.

10 Year Guarantee

Eurcell's roofline products carry a ten year guarantee against manufacturing defects providing that all installation and care instructions are strictly followed.

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Rockwell Polycarbonate

Based in Meriden, 'The centre of England', and celebrating our 22nd year of business in 2007 - the unique Sales Counter & Showroom supplies both trade and retail customers in the surrounding Midlands area with a huge range of innovative and cost effective plastic building materials.

Their extensive stock includes :

  • Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet & Accessories
  • Solid Polycarbonate & Acrylic Sheet
  • Freefoam UPVC Fascia and Cladding (20yr Guarantee)
  • Decorative Wall & Ceiling Cladding
  • Genuine Respatex Shower Panels
  • Dynotile – Garage Floor Tiles o Floplast Rainwater Systems
  • Corrugated Polycarbonate and PVC Roofing Sheets
  • Rockwell Architectural Trim o Polystar - Unique Plastic 'Glass Blocks'
  • Complete GRP and Polycarbonate Canopy Systems
  • Decorative Plastic Window Shutters
  • Hygienic Lining Systems for Kitchens, Kennels & Catteries

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Work Guarantee

All work undertaken by C. Stevens Roofing is covered by clear, written guarantees including workmanship and material, to give you added confidence. Our guarantee is backed by a long established reputation in the business and is respected and valued by works professionals throughout the county.

Insurance Gurantee

HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantees helping you to protect your investment. Although home improvement is one of the safest forms of financial investment, there is one pitfall that can be overlooked.

Most contractors issue a guarantee for the work they have undertaken, we are no different. However, thousands of contractors cease to trade each year.

If your chosen contractor ceased to trade HomePro will match the terms of the contractors original guarantee.