A Family Tradition for over 60 years!

Stevens roofing has been a local, south midlands, based company for four generations. The company was originally founded in 1956 by William C. Stevens, William was joined by his son Dennis Stevens.

Dennis became well know in the local area for efficient high quality roofing. In the 1980's the company was joined by both sons, who have maintained the family tradition. The business has now been joined by a further two generations, continuing the family tradition. Dennis is still actively involved passing on vital skills and craftsmanship.

The name Stevens is synonymous with the highest standards of craftsmanship and professionalism, these qualities are maintained on every project, large or small. All work carried out is backed by a materials and workmanship guarantee. An insurance guantee is also available for complete peace of mind.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, we are recognised for our personal and professional service. The success of the company is built on experience and expertise. Much of our work is carried out on recommendation which, in such a highly competitive environment, is a testament or our ability to meet our customers' requirements.

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A Brief Timeline of Roofing...

100 BC Romans introduce slating and tiling to Britain

AD 735 First recorded writing of thatched roofs

1077- 82 The Bayeux tapestry depicts roofs covered with timber shingles

12th century Tiling and slating rediscovered depending on availability of local materials

1212 King John issued building by-laws for London to eliminate combustible roof-coverings such as Reed and Thatch and replace them with clay tiles as a result of major fires in the city

1477 King Edward IV enforced by statute that plain clay tiles be 10.5"x6.25"x.373" in size which is still the size adopted by the current British standard

1672-1717 Sir Christopher Wren specified copper cladding for the dome of St Pauls Cathedral at a cost of £3000. The Government refused this and insisted on a lead covering at a cost of £2000

1740 Keymer hand made clay tiles started production

1805 Dreadnought clay tiles started production

1890 "If any regard is to be had to the general beauty of the landscape, the natural material of the special countryside should be used instead of imported materials" - William Morris 1893 National Federation of Roofing Contractors formed

1897 San Gioacchino church in Rome roofed with aluminium

1913 Turner Bros started producing asbestos cement sheeting in Manchester

1919 Redlands opened their first concrete tile factory

1924 Marley opened their first concrete tile factory

1956 Stevens Roofing established

1960-70 Fibre reinforced bituminous flat roofing membranes became popular

1970 Coated steel and aluminium first appear

1980 Dangers of asbestos roofing published

1980 The Institute of Roofing was formed

1985 Stevens Roofing joined by Sons

2017 Stevens Roofing Joined by Grandson

Work Guarantee

All work undertaken by C. Stevens Roofing is covered by clear, written guarantees including workmanship and material, to give you added confidence. Our guarantee is backed by a long established reputation in the business and is respected and valued by works professionals throughout the county.

Insurance Guarantee

HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantees helping you to protect your investment. Although home improvement is one of the safest forms of financial investment, there is one pitfall that can be overlooked.

Most contractors issue a guarantee for the work they have undertaken, we are no different. However, thousands of contractors cease to trade each year.

If your chosen contractor ceased to trade HomePro will match the terms of the contractors original guarantee.


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