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Finlock Guttering...

Finlock guttering is a Rubberised Plygene Gutterline system for Finlock type sectional concrete gutters.

For the first time ever, instead of resorting to temporary repairs using mastics, or coping with the horrendous disruption and cost of replacing these built-in gutters, Gutterline provided an effective, economic and permanent solution.

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Repairing Finlock Gutters

The Gutterline seamless secondary gutter system addresses both outer and inner troughs to create a one-piece ‘gutter within a gutter’ which makes it impossible for water to get behind or beneath.

It also incorporates a heavy-duty Plygene sarking angle designed to deflect all run-off water into the outer trough. Gutterline is easy to install, requires no structural disruption to the property and so there is no need to rehouse the occupants.

As a ‘Total Concept’ the Gutterline system includes outlets, corners, etc, plus boundary and termination joints, which make it just as suitable for single properties as it is for full rows.

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Gutter Cleaning

Underside of GutteringIn order to get the best life out of your guttering they should be regularly cleaned, both on the outside and the inside.

This doesn't need to be a difficult and dangerous job, just call C. Stevens Roofing.

Underside of GutteringClean guttering works more efficiently and enhances the look of your property. Blocked guttering can cause damage to surrounding woodwork and brickwork.

C. Stevens Roofing provides a fast, efficient and economical cleaning service. So if your gutters are overflowing or looking decidedly grubby call C. Stevens Roofing to come and give them a clean and spruce up.

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