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Flat roofing is a specialty of C. Stevens Roofing, we can provide both premier and standard range products, if installed by ourselves we can offer 10,15 or 20 year linked guarantees which cover both materials and workmanship. We are currently expanding the area of Flat Roofing Services in response to high demand for this service throughout the Warwickshire region. We will provide, free of charge, an estimation and quotation service.

Flat Roofing Systems

C. Stevens Roofing offers three types of flat roofing depending upon the location and environmental conditions. See details below.



The most common system used by C. Stevens Roofing is polyester combining value, flexibility and a 12 year guarantee. NORDGUM is one of the most convenient solution for roofing and renovation works and waterproofing details. Good values of mechanical resistance thanks to the non woven polyester carrier and excellent low temperature flexibility permit to use it in difficult climate conditions at economic rates.




The greatest test of any construction material is how it performs under field conditions. The first membranes laid in the 1960's are still protecting flat roofs some 40 years later with over One billion square metres installed worldwide on Commercial and Industrial buildings including Offices, Schools, Hotels.

Durability assessments of roofing membranes found EPDM as the only membrane with no reduction in flexural fatigue resistance for all tests/locations, It would take over 50 years for EPDM to drop below 200 elongation, the MRCA ME-20 performance requirements for aged sheeting.




GRP is a specifically modified high performance waterproofing system, designed to a provide a permanent solution to the problems usually associated with bitumen based coatings. For example cracking and blistering of the surface caused by the effects of sunlight which can result in failure of the roof within a few years

GRP more commonly referred to as "glass fibre" is formed in situ by reinforcing polyester resin, which has been cured or hardened using a peroxide based catalyst with an emulsion bound chop strand mat. Once cured this forms a joint free laminate that will outlast virtually any other traditional roofing material.